Nice to
Meet You All.

Alan, Adroit and Sotiris are three designers who all have three things in common – a love of design, a fascination with space and jobs that keep us tied to our desks. We wanted to created sleek and sophisticated, tactile and beautiful products that rekindle their sense of wonder about the Universe.

We created DESKX from humble beggings, launching our inital brand DeskSpace over 5 years ago. Since then we've expanded out our offerings covering anything related to STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathamatics). It’s been an exciting and sometimes gruelling, but all the time and effort has been worth it. The three of us have not stopped working on this tirelessly whilst expanding the team and we want to make sure every product we release is the best possible product it can be. As we’ve grown as a company we’ve relied on the continued support of our craftspeople, manufacturing and distribution partners, and most importantly from each of our life partners, creating products we know they would be proud of.